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Kōjō is evolving the approach to CBD wellness through unique blends that address your specific needs throughout the day and night. Our curated blends of natural CBD, terpenes, and essential oils target Recovery, Sleep and General Wellness.



After hundreds of test batches, we have developed the most effective blends of all natural CBD, terpene (active ingredient found in hemp), and oils to aid in Recovery, Sleep and General Wellness.  CBD alone is a great tool, but for specific ailments the combination with our terpenes and oils delivers at a much higher level.


Our Ingredients

Our products are made from 100% legal industrial hemp, and are certified by ProVerde Labs to have no detectible THC content. Check out our full analysis report on each of our products here.



Our CBD is sourced from Bluebird Botanicals which comes from farms in Colorado. We chose CBD Isolate rather than a full spectrum CBD oil because it allows us to create a product that is more shelf stable, more easily flavored and most importantly allows us complete control over terpene selection process. A full spectrum product contains only terpenes specific to that hemp strain, we have specific blends utilizing terpenes found not only in hemp but in other plants.


Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds found in plants that have specific mood and aromatic effects. Our sleep and recover products utilize specific terpenes to achieve the desired effect


We source our botanicals and oils from Zongle and Nutiva that we choose because of their sustainability and commitment to healing. These products are used as amplifiers for both effect and flavor.